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Features and Pricing

Create your own mobile keywords to promote your product or service and collect mobile numbers automatically.
Automatic reply-backs are sent out to people who texted your keyword.
Two-way messaging (chatting) allows you to send messages back and forth with mobile users. Recipients of your message can simply reply to your message.
People can text your mobile keyword followed by a message they want to send you. For example, if you were a radio station, someone could text "POWER106 I want to listen to
the new Kanye West song" to 69302. Also, if someone texts your mobile keyword followed by a message you can have that message be forwarded to any email or mobile phone (via SMS) of your choice.
There is an option to receive a mobile text or email notification as soon as someone texts your mobile keyword (so you can follow-up with a lead right away).
Multiple automated messages can be sent to any new signup (via mobile text or email).
So if someone texts your mobile keyword, for example, you can automatically setup a text to be sent to them on day 1, day 3, day 10, day 50, etc.
Choose the area codes to send text messages to instead of sending to all area codes
in a list.
Send a message to select individual contacts within a distribution list or to the entire list(s).
Send SMS messages globally (including US, Canada and 200+ countries).
Use reliable premium short code delivery instead of unreliable email gateway.
Compose messages on the web or from your own mobile phone on the go. You can tie
your mobile phone to your account so that when you're not in front of a computer, you can still send out a single text from your phone and contact everyone in your distribution list.
Single consolidated user interface for all modes of communications - mobile text, instant message, email, blog, and social network. There is no need to learn multiple systems from multiple vendors.
Send SmartBlast, which delivers messages with a delay of several minutes in between each mode so that recipients can stop duplicate messages sent to all other modes.
Schedule messages for future delivery time.
Compose emails and instant messages with merged fields. For example, you can send out a mass email that automatically addresses each recipient by their first and last name, so it's more personal.
Dozens of email templates to choose from.
Post status messages to social networks without ever leaving CELLTEXT. One submission will post your status updates simultaneously to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other websites.
Outbound marketing is no longer sufficient. Join the new trend in social marketing by adding inbound marketing to your marketing mix.
Create your own Online Signup Page for your visitors to enter their contact information and for you to populate your distribution lists automatically.
Choose from dozens of Online Signup Page templates or create your own.
Maintain only 1 contact database instead of separate lists for email and mobile numbers.
Import email addresses from your Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and other address books.
Import / export contacts (email, mobile number, instant message screen name) using
CSV files.
Remove failed or invalid contact information easily.
Maintain multiple contact lists and signup pages in one account.
Import a list of opt-in phone numbers into CELLTEXT system and filter out all landline numbers so that you send messages to mobile phones only.
CELLTEXT does not allow sending messages to anyone who has not opted-in with your list. Wireless carriers prohibit anyone from sending unsolicited commercial text messages.
Enjoy unlimited emails and instant messages with Multi-Mode Plans (starting at only $10 per month). Each Multi-Mode Plan comes bundled with text message credits monthly.
CELLTEXT is substantially more affordable than using both email marketing and mobile marketing services separately from other vendors.
Each outbound mobile text message(MT) costs 1 message credit (international message costs 2.5 credits to over 200+ countries).
Inbound messages (MO: keyword, reply, verification, HELP, STOP) cost nothing.
Mobile contests and surveys cost 0.5 credit for each inbound message.
Additional text credits (beyond monthly credits) cost as low as 4 cents per credit.

CELLTEXT offers various types
of plans for flexibility and value.

Introducing Roll-over Texts!
CELLTEXT includes
a benefit no other text messaging service offers:
Roll-over Text Credits. It means that if you don't text
as much one month, CELLTEXT will roll over your unused text credits to the following month.

To learn more of which plan is just right for you, sign
up for the free trial and view our affordable plans.
Starting at just $10.00 a month.
Now you can post messages to all of your favorite social networks and blogs at the same time with a single click.