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CellText Marketing Contacts Your Clients and Customers With Just One Click!

Our ALL-In-One system can send a cell phone text, instant messages or e mail, quickly and easily. Our “Smart Blast” feature notifies them on 1, 2,
or 3 ways and is smart enough to know when to stop after the first message is received. For the same price other companies charge for email marketing alone, with CellText Marketing you can stay in constant contact with your opt-in audience via any or all modes of communication with just one click. You see mobile keyword technology all over TV and hear it on the radio every day. You see it advertised in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all over billboards. There's a reason why large corporations utilize mobile marketing – it WORKS! People text your custom mobile keyword to 69302 to join your mobile distribution list. Then an automated response is texted back to them with your customized welcome offer. Later, you can send them important text alerts, news, and promotions, resulting in huge and immediate response rates that you can't experience with email marketing alone.

You have just found a new way to reach your customer base using CellText Marketing's web-based software. Email alone is OLD and clearly not effective by itself. Your audience is now flooded with emails all the time, and they go unread much like all of those direct mail pieces you throw away every single day. Don't your messages deserve instantaneous delivery, attention, and immediate response in this day and age of electronic distractions? Save time, agony, and money by learning to use a single and easy integrated service that can do it ALL. Click here for a no obligation;
no credit card needed Free Trial.

Now you can post messages to all of your favorite social networks and blogs at the same time with a single click.